About Us

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose!

Why MistiWork?

Our Business Model is unique into Home Service sector, as we target in connecting (Many to Many) than the (Best to Few). Looking at the scope, we have created a very open & friendly platform for both Customer’s & Service Provider’s. And they will have complete freedom to provide their Own Budget or Quote and to (Choose, Accept or Reject) from both the end.

We believe one can only give their best when they receive the same. Also, to mitigate the risk, our platform will provide enough opportunity to both the parties to proceed with their choice and what best they can afford.

We are not trying to organize the unorganized Home Service market, instead we focus on bringing the right person for the right service and right service to the right person at right place & time.

Factor of Coolness:

Factor I

In MistiWork we have provision for, the Customer’s to set their own Budget while creating a request. The Service Provider to provide his own bid & quotation against a request, and can see the distance of the request created from his present location. And the Customer’s can see multiple quotations with an option to sort by Distance or Bid and can Shortlist/Accept the best suit for his requirement.

Factor II

Through MistiWork, the Service Provider can not only see the Service Request of any distance but also can find & apply for any Service Request near to his present location.

Factor III

In MistiWork, customers doesn’t have to go with booking services one by one with 7-10 queries in each request. Here, they can create a single Service Request where they can choose variety of services from different categories with defining a budget of his own.

Factor IV

We are giving full freedom to the Service Provider’s to provide their own bid & quotation, due to which no one has to compromise with their service charges. This will also give an advantage to the user’s to go through multiple Quotations and choose the best fit for him.

Factor V

In MistiWork, we are allowing Service Provider’s from various locations to apply for the Service Request if they wish. This will indirectly bring lot more Quotations to the Customers to decide. And the platform has provision for shortlisting, hence Customer’s can narrow down the Quotations and choose the best for them.

Factor VI

In MistiWork, we take Customer’s Registered Address mostly for verification purpose of a valid Customer. Whereas, for booking Services it’s not necessary that you can only book for Registered Address. We allow booking for any available location as per Google Map.

Factor VII

In MistiWork, we are going an extra mile by giving a provision to the Service Provider to apply for any Request and a nice way of filtering the available Service Request(s) arranged nearest to his Permanent or Present location.